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KJW Green Gas Magazine for WE B&W PT92 M9 FS M9A1 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols


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Warranty Information

Compatible models are listed below. If you not sure message us. We will do our best to check compatibility. 

 For KJW, HFC B&W WE-Tech Tokyo Marui KJW/cybergun models and other compatible M9 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
Full Metal
Capacity: 25rds
Gas Type: Green Red and Black Gas compatible

Manufacture KJW

Listing Includes
1 KJW M9 green gas magazine

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This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug."


This airsoft gun will only take 6mm plastic BBs. Using metal BBs may jam or potentially damage the airsoft gun. In addition, it is strongly recommended the user only uses high quality airsoft BBs when operating their airsoft gun. Using low grade BBs may break inside the barrel and further damage the airsoft gun. It is highly recommended to refrain from using any BBs lighter than .20g with this airsoft gun. Using BBs lighter than .20g may break inside the barrel of the airsoft gun which may cause further damage to the airsoft gun itself. If you would like to achieve more range, it is recommended to use .20g plastic BBs. If you would like more accuracy, it is recommended to use heavier BBs like .25g and above. It is important to note that the heavier the BB is, the more range is sacrificed. On the contrary, the lighter the BB is, the more accuracy is sacrificed.