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CO2 blowback Baba Yaga 1911 Hicapa full metal airsoft pistol barrel extension - Gas Blowback Armory

CO2 blowback Baba Yaga 1911 Hicapa full metal airsoft pistol barrel extension


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SRC is the OEM manufacture for many branded airsoft pistol. This is a version of the JW3 Taran Tactical Combat Master. It has a custom black 14mm threaded barrel, use CO2 for a more powerful shooting experience. This pistol has great recoil, and is finished to perfection. SRC did a stellar job making this most sought after model. The 2011 model is considered a high capacity 1911. used in 3 gun shooting competitions because it can hold 19 9mm rounds. If your Looking for something highly detailed that will stand out from the rest, add the barrel extension for an even cooler look.

  • Full aluminum alloy metal slide with litening cuts 
  • Aluminum alloy frame w/ molded reinforced polymer grips.
  • Model used by none other than John Wick himself, aka Baba Yaga / The Boogeyman 
  • Molded Grip Stippling pattern provide a comfortable, slip-resistant grip
  • CNC precision Black match threaded barrel with Thread protector 14mm CCW
  • 28mm 120 mm Airsoft barrel extensions with 14mm CCW threads
  • Professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip
  • Flared mag well aids in quick reloads
  • Target style sights w/ fiber optic front and adjustable Bo mar rear sight
  • Extended magazine release
  • CO2 Powered blowback action
  • CO2 drop free magazine capacity 25 6mm BB's
  • Uses 12 Gram CO2 Caplets

Package Includes
1 SRC CO2 Baba yaga Hicapa
1 SRC CO2 Drop Free magazine
1 SRC 28mm x 120 mm long barrel extension
1 Owners Manual

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This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug."

This airsoft gun will only take 6mm plastic BBs. Using metal BBs may jam or potentially damage the airsoft gun. In addition, it is strongly recommended the user only uses high quality airsoft BBs when operating their airsoft gun. Using low grade BBs may break inside the barrel and further damage the airsoft gun. It is highly recommended to refrain from using any BBs lighter than .20g with this airsoft gun. Using BBs lighter than .20g may break inside the barrel of the airsoft gun which may cause further damage to the airsoft gun itself. If you would like to achieve more range, it is recommended to use .20g plastic BBs. If you would like more accuracy, it is recommended to use heavier BBs like .25g and above. It is important to note that the heavier the BB is, the more range is sacrificed. On the contrary, the lighter the BB is, the more accuracy is sacrificed.